Dadio came to live with us to enable us to stay in our house. We bought this home knowing one day the basement would be filled. I was confused that we may sell and it was never used. Now I see God's plan unfolding. What a blessing that he would show me.

I am thankful to get this time w my dad. I love him so much. I have had a hard tome leaving my home base, in the last few years. A strange compulsion to stay home or to return home quickly. But now, he is right here so I do t have to!

God has been good to us.

Every day I go I to my war room and I lift mybeyes to my heavenly Father. He has heard me and comforted me a thousand times over. Matt joins me in there and we pray over our marriage and our lives. We lift up our loved

ones and beg for salvation.

God has helped me so much to get a handle on my own health issues. I am thankful.

My kids are thriving in school and church. I am so thankful. They are growing and changing.
At bedtime I hear praise songs sung from the lips of babes. It is the most comforting and rewarding sound.


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