Snowed in 2916

This snow time was so wonderful. I feel like my deepest desires to enjoy and savor home and family were fulfilled this weekend. I love when the kids have snow days, not just because I don't have to pack a school lunch but because I know there are days will be filled with fun, playing, laughter and joy! We enjoyed movies by the fire. Matt and I cooked some meals together, at which time I added wayyyyyy too much salt. Lesson learned. Matt pulled the kids on a sled behind his truck and they loved it! I walked behind in the snow and skipped and fell flat in my face 100 times, but it was fun! I felt like I was 5 years old again.

Thanking God for our safety and time together this weekend. Of course, also for my health being well enough to enjoy it all! (Had a rough post Christmas time with intense and unrelenting pain)


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