I blacked out my face because it was too dorky to have emblazoned on the net for all eternity.

Overall the test was significantly unpleasant. It wasn't the evening time that was so bad but the daytime MSLT which requires you to stay awake for nearly 2 hours between 5 scheduled 15 minute naps. That was excruciating. I sincerely hope that the results will be accurate enough in spite of me idioticly consuming green tea and unwittingly, caffeine during the test.

All of this is to identify and diagnose a probable narcolepsy or similar sleeping disorder which would explain my constant daytime sleepiness from the time I can remember until today.

This past year has been a blessed time for me. I feel like God gave me an entire year off of any extra responsibilities or commitments that I had been so consumed with in the last 10 years. My health had gotten so problematic that it was preventing me from fulfilling these commitments and I sweet natured way. I was getting sicker and sicker thinking I had lupus when in fact I have fibromyalgia. This is something I had never considered before and was completely uneducated about. I have great affirmation in my soul now knowing and understanding why I hurt so bad and why I have been so sick. I am very certain that God gave me this year off so that I could pursue answers and treatment for all of the things that prevent me from living fully for God's glory in my family and outside of it.

I am not complaining when I express how stressful the last 10 or 11 years has been an even longer in my life because of these elements that I did not understand. I always was consumed with. I always was consumed with such guilt about my inadequacies and my limitations. This year God is removed all of that guilt and shown his presence over and over in my life as he leads me and helps me to find answers and treatments for these problems.

I am so hopeful that these tests that I went through will somehow reveal something in spite of me feeling like they just want an accurate representation of my real sleep either way I know God is in control and I trust him completely my life and my all and everything else. My hope is in him not in tests and I love him for reminding me of that every single day . This is really been a year of rest for me and I'm very thankful.

Overall is my sincerest desire to be fully present and healthy for my family, for my church family, for the lost, and for God's glory.


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