Happy Birthday Moriah.

Happy birthday Moriah Joy. I cannot believe it is been 24 years since the day I met you face-to-face. I will never ever forget hearing your first cry and seeing your beautiful self for the very first time I was stunned at the intensity of the emotions I felt for the first time my life. You were the first to make me a mother a very sacred and blessed title to have. I am thankful that the dark days are forgotten. Thankful that only New hope and beauty and unlimited possibilities lay be for us to embrace together. It is an honor to watch you grow into such a beautiful young woman. You have seen my darkest hour you have been with me through it all literally through it all. You are the other half of me you know me better than I know myself. You are the other part of my soul.  You are and forever will be, the love of my life.  


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