MY God. Is. Faithful.

I'm posting this to remind myself of his awesome provisions. Matt's faithfulness was totally blessed 3 days later. The. Same. Amount. 

We all know that home warranties honoring claims are totally a shot in the dark. Well, they approved this one immediately. I know that is only because of God. Surely nothing else could move an insurance company claim rep to do that without 1,000,000 miles of red tape or any contingencies at all, but just very simply, send in the receipt showing that it has been paid and it will be reimbursed. what!? Only God, friends. That is one thing I have experienced over and over and over again. He is real. His love for us is real. I'll never stop being in awe when he takes my hand so tenderly and cares for me. Thank you Jesus for revealing yourself to me over and over. I never get tired of seeing you and feeling your presence. (The fact I'm living today, is only because of His constant Grace in my life.)
We have stepped out in Faith moving here or there, doing this or that, as we sense his leading and calling. Every single time we obey he makes it clear that he is caring for us. 

These sorts of unplanned repairs or problems can devastate a small family or throw a wrench in a whole year's budgeting. I am so aware of this. I've lived this. I've seen his provision a million different times over the years. Where peace replaces fear and calm blankets panic and God says to trust him. He reminds us what to place our hope in, What to value in this world. Then, boom an unexpected check arrives that very day we get the scary $$ due news. This has occurred many different times. Very similar but always a familiar embrace. 


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