Some misadventures include but are not limited to...

Have 7 kids all week. I was worried, but..I'm still alive. Taking Madison and three toddlers to her softball game. Found our way to a brand new field with 15 minutes to spare!!! Wrong field. Turn around. Find another new field. Late, but PRESENT!  

This afternoon I got Madison and Drew to their horsemanship class! Including 4 toddlers in the back! 1,2,3 and 4 years old. Waited for an hour for them to finish. No injuries... Did it!  Then we even got home in time to get number 7 off the bus! Success!

For Madison's softball game, I, along with the 3 toddlers waited in the van until I had to find a potty before I exploded!  I finagled the three out of their car seats (one of which I had to climb through the trunk to access) and got across the long gravel parking lot without any spills or bloody knees! I prayed the whole way that the restroom building would be open.  It was!!  (Didn't know how if use a portajon with three small ones with me!)  Got to the door, opened with ease. I sighed with great relief. Then, flipped the switch...nothin. Flipped it again more vigorously hoping to catch a flash of the bulb, nope. So I lined the kids up against the wall, instructed them to stay and found the toilet in the DARK. Did it! Didn't pee on my pant leg either!

Psh! I really feel like a pro! Makes me think, if we had a passenger van, we could have even more!?

It is only Tuesday though. : /


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