Today I signed the paperwork to accept official "placement" of the little ones. We have provided respite for two weeks and now what we are is open-ended placement.  

There has been an adjustment for each of us. God has been so faithful with is perfect encouragement when we need it.  A couple friends in particular have been so supportive and helpful. (Polly and Dawn, thank you and I love you!)

Polly rescued me and brought me a TON of clothes for both babes and a fantastic double stroller which I have already used several times. I have had many questions from hair to behavoir and been met with answers and encouragement! God knew. 

 These little ones have no idea why their lives have been turned upside down. They've done so well as they navigate their new home and new authority figures. I can't imagine how scary it is to have to figure out new rules new behaviors new everything. They are resilient. I am thankful for their patience as we figure this all out together. 

My heart breaks for why they are here. I'm so glad they came here to us. We already love them so much. 

Big kids are adjusting day by day. Drew loves the playmate but isn't so thrilled to share his mama. I get that. We make time to snuggle and reassure our big ones of how loved they are and always will be. 

Madison has naturally assumed her new role as little mama. She loves it. She's good at it!  She is my life saver!

Matt is ready made daddy. He goes by daddy by all and fulfills the role gladly and   Joyfully. I'm constantly encouraged by his take on things. He reminds me who we are living for. 

Today, I saw J praying. Unprompted, his eyes closed and hands clasped he was thanking God for his food followed with a hearty Amen. 

When he came, he said he didn't know God. This is why. Why we, everything. That one little one may come to know him. That is what this, all of our being, is here for. Nothing. Else. Matters. 


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