My youngest are going to NC for over a week.  The longest we have EVER been apart. I am going to miss them fiercely.  I know my Jesus loves them even more than I do, so I put my faith in Him to protect them while I am away.  I choose to believe Him and accept his peace during this long separation.  Matt and I are going to Mexico with our church youth on a Mission trip.  This is something we both feel strongly that God asked us to do.  We go, in His strength and peace, not our own.  Alone, we posess nothing to aid another individual.  We posess pride, arrogance, lofty feelings about ourselves and unrrealistic idea that "we" have what "they" need.  The truth is, we go as empty vessels, in humility, posessing only the Love of the Father.  We go, and understand that we will walk away with more than we came with.  We are aware God has much to teach us on this trek, teach us about our own inability-without-Him.  We go, fully relying on his Spirit for every bit of guidance and provision.  Only hoping we can extend love to another, as He would ask us to.

We hope, our willingness to "go", will be a testimony to our own children, of our love for the Lord and His for us.  We hope they will allow God to cultivate in them, servant's hearts.  That is where life is, where you pour yours out for Him and for another.  God loves us so much, he has shown us over and over of his will and provision for our lives.  We are thankful.

Our dearest friends are going through treatment and  further testing for thyroid cancer.  We will diligently and fervently pray for them.  For healing and Peace.  We love them, so very much.  It is painful to watch someone you love go through something difficult.  However, this is where God steps in and shows us what he can do that we cannot.  He is the great physician and the ultimate comforter.  We will rely on him for this.


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