What's funny is that I never had any connection to kids, or desire to, until I had my own.  I loved Moriah fiercely and adored her from the first moment she was with me.  Still, I never had much desire or draw to children other than her.  God kept putting me in children's ministry and I was like, "Um, why?"  I went where I felt him lead me.  I never imagined I would provide child-care for a living.  I never imagined I would fall in love with 2 year olds as we console them and love on them in nursery.  I never imagined any of this..until he led me here.

Now, My life is literally over-run with children.  I always have extras with me and I love them all.  God made a child-shaped hole in my heart that will not be satisfied until we add them to our family.  Short-term, long-term and both.  Our hearts break over the mere idea of modern day orphans.  We really never realized there were so many kids in our own area who had no one to love them!  Atrocity!  We never knew, were blind to,  ignored for one reason or another.  Now we know and we cannot turn back.  Whatever he calls us to do, we will obey.  Even if it means leaving all our material comforts to build a cinder block house with a dirt floor and fill it full of the lost, and unwanted children of Mexico.  We have NO idea if he takes us up on that, but one thing is very clear.  He has moved our hearts and we will NEVER be the same.  We can't live for frivolities anymore.  We will never be satisfied with fulfilling our so-called-American-Dream.  Never.  We won't be fully satisfied until we have given everything for "the least of these"..whatever that means for us.  He will show us.  We are ready.  This road, is a hard one.  The opposition is unfathomable.  IT is spiritual.  It is real.  It is tangible.  It is palpable.  We can see it, in our physical, what is moved by the spiritual.  That is awesome.  As we acknowledge this, we also acknowledge that Jesus is Who He says He is, and He will Do what He says He will.  He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. We will live out our faith until the day we see him face to face.  I only want to satisfy my lord.  I want to live the plan he has for me, for what could ever ever be better than that?  Nothing.  Nothing.

Nothing matters here, we live for what is to come.  We aren't Extreme, we are REDEEMED.  (courtesy of some song) That's all.  I want to worship him with my every breath.

We go to Mexico in a few weeks.  We are going to support a ministry that is already in place.  I long to bond with the folks he puts us together with.  I know He has something to teach us while we are there.  May we be a blessing to others every day we breath on this earth.


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