I wrote Drew's sweet song...he was singing in his room this song

i just want to sing to you holy god.
you are a holy god.
this is the world
the world of love we all say that..rising, your son, was rising.
I just want to sing this to you, that I will not love this world
Holy Spirit, I just want to sing it out loud, to the Holy Spirit.  Acause I just want to sing this to Jesus.  This is the world, Jesus makes this, when..
Love God, his Holy Land.  His Lamb is the beautiful lamb.  This is the world that the holy spirit , cause we  sing out his Name.  His lovin.  The world is the precious world this is gonna be the lastest time. This is the life.  This is the holy spirit. becaise this is the earth, world.  

(He is so sweet.)


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