Christmas 2012

This Christmas, Madison turns 7 in a few days.  Matt and I celebrate our 8th Wedding anniversary tomorrow.  Jayden celebrated with us too this week.  

Last night, we stayed by the fire-enjoyed watching some cute Christmas movies with the three kids.  Moriah came after they went to bed..she stayed the night.  This morning, all kids woke us up around 8.  This is the first year I can ever remember, where we waited until Christmas to open presents.  Daddy cooked us all breakfast and we had our coffee.  Once we all went down stairs to get ready for presents, daddy read us the Christmas story from the bible. Trying to be mindful, of keeping Christ the center of our celebration!  Kids had fun opening presents.  

The girls sang on the karaoke for HOURS and Drew and Moriah played transformers in his room.  It was so peaceful and sweet.  Later my mom and Larry came for a little while. Got to talk to Phil on facetime for a few..that was a treat!

Gwen made us dinner and came over to share it with us.  After dinner we rushed to the nursing home, where we planned with two friends' families to sing to the residents.  We had a BUNCH of kids, between us all..and I think the folks enjoyed it.  One in particular wanted us to push her around with us.  We gave her a prayer shawl, that came from Grandma Barb, and she cried she was so grateful!  It was a precious time!  Finished the evening with our precious friends, hanging out for a bit.  

Thank you Jesus for letting us celebrate with you today.  Thank you family, for all you contributed.  Thank you God for giving us precious friends we can serve along side and enjoy being with so much!  I am a very blessed woman and today I just want to soak it all in and savor each part.


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