Beginning a new journey...or, rather, continuing a journey of obedience.

As we complete the final weeks of our Training, I have so much in my heart I have to put down before it bubbles over and is gone forever.  I want this personal window into our hearts, our lives, our family, to be one that any of our children can come back to read-to KNOW and experience what we now know and are experiencing.

Our lives are about to change.  We have often had children in and out of our home, some ours..some in childcare, some friends' children, but never this.  Never the ones who will need all our hearts and commitment but then may not stay.  Or, who may stay long, and then leave abruptly.  Possibly, children who will stay forever, to be united with us for all their days on this earth.  We don't know our lives will look in 6 months, or in 9 months, or even in 1 year.  What we do know is, that following Christ does NOT mean, just be "good" people, go to church, teach your own kids who He is...  We know this.  We really know this.  That God has called US to now only love Him in word, but also in deed.
We know,

To whom much is given, much is expected.
The Love Christ is to turn that love outward and love others more than ourselves.
The love we have for God is evident when we put his words into action, and love the orphans and the Widows.
The kingdom of heaven is made up of such.
Loving the least of these, is what He came to DO.
Loving the most needy is HOW He called US, our family, to Serve Him.
We serve and adore and worship and proclaim the name of Our King, Our Savior, Our Jesus BECAUSE He first loved us.  Though we deserve death, and Hell, HE saved us anyway.  How can you not want to be close to a Father like that?  A Father whose name is MERCY.

So-as our lives transform, we know, we follow a Father-who loves these babies way more than the world ever could.  It's our job, our mission, to tell them, to show them, to guide them, to RESCUE them, in the name of our God, who adores them so much.

We know what we are inviting-and we cannot wait.  Bring it ON!  Bring it on.

Let our lives reflect the ONE Who lives inside of us.  Let them not reflect our own selfishness, or our own delight, but the love of our father who takes care of us.  Let us delight in Him.  Through Obedience, we will experience His Joy...His Peace.

When you look in on our lives, you are going to see a CRAZY family.  A family who will stop at nothing to serve the God we love.  A Family who wants to throw away all the world holds dear, to embrace the outcasts and "throw-aways" of this world.  We won't measure up to the worldly "idea of success" and that's okay.  That is going to look crazy to anyone who doesn't also know Him.  We know this.  We expect this.  We understand this.  It's okay.  The One who is leading us, will never forsake us.

That's really all we need to know!

With that, we will be welcoming with open arms the least of these, whoever it is God has chosen for us to also love, be it for a brief time, or for all time.

The Beginning


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